Can Office Buildings In Knoxville, TN Get Bed Bug Infestations?

October 15, 2021

On average, pests cause a lot of stress because they can bring disaster. Many can destroy belongings and whole buildings. It’s also highly possible for them to cultivate a health crisis with a physical attack or by spreading disease. Business owners in Knoxville can experience major losses with their income and reputation if insects and creatures are allowed to wreak havoc.

Bed bugs certainly target homes, but they can be a huge issue for commercial properties as well. These tiny insects suck the blood of humans and animals after biting them. Red and itchy bumps will subsequently appear. The critters effortlessly shadow you, and they procreate with speed. Remediation and prevention must be a focal point for establishments. Learn more about bed bugs and how Dead End Exterminating can intervene.

a bed bug infestation on furniture

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

It’s often said that bed bugs go where the dirt is, but this isn’t accurate. They travel to where blood is readily available and abundant; the fluid is central to their life cycle. Locations occupied by animals and humans are frequently plagued by these pests. Fields, pastures, and of course residential spaces, are examples. Homes and dormitories are hit hard, but it doesn’t stop there. Transportation hubs are hotspots, such as train and bus stations, airports, and hotels. Places of business aren’t exempt. You might encounter bed bugs in schools, gyms, shopping centers, movie theaters, libraries, and offices. They’ll crawl into your bags or clothes and follow you around. In many cases, the insects will settle in:

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Couches
  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Wood Trim

Once more, bed bugs are very small. The oval-shaped, reddish-brown pests are about 0.25 of an inch long. They have two antennas and move about on six legs. Among their features are a little head, a big tail, and a strange-looking midsection. The young are translucent and come from pearly white eggs.

Bites, stains, and odors are the three signs of a bed bug infestation. The clustered welts on human skin will be patchy and similar to a rash. You’ll definitely find reddish-brown blemishes and blood drops on surfaces and fabrics. Black or brown fecal grains and marks may be there too. Musty scents will be persistent.

Are There Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs?

Offices and other establishments need to undergo bed bug inspections regularly. This is the main way to be ahead of an infestation. Supervisors must be in ongoing communication with their staff, so that sighting notifications happen as soon as possible. Procedures for privacy and nondiscrimination must be upheld and maintained. Employees should feel at ease about reporting bed bug instances at their own domicile. Education and planning must be prioritized. Workers don’t need to remain at home when they have an infestation. Keep these tips in mind: 

  • Examine curtains, furniture, foundations, flooring, and crevices with a flashlight.    
  • Look over fabrics, electronics, and interior drawers for infestation hints.  
  • Scan second-hand items before utilizing them.  
  • If applicable, wash fabrics with hot water and use high heat for drying.
  • Encourage employees to avoid putting their belongings on the floor or near other’s effects.

How Will Dead End Exterminating Handle Bed Bugs?

You have to fully wipe bed bugs out for your troubles to be over. That means capturing and killing every egg, nymph, and adult. Since they are dainty and hide everywhere, that task would be too daunting. Commercial products won’t do the trick; neither will “do it yourself” hacks. Plus, these options are hazardous. Take the safer and more effective route with us at Dead End Exterminating. Our expert technicians will apply industrial-grade liquids and install mattress encasements. Follow-up visits are available. Call today for a free inspection!

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