How to Keep Wildlife Away from Your Knoxville Property

November 15, 2021

When thinking about pest problems around Knoxville, Tennessee, you might only worry about species such as rodents, spiders, and ants, but other species could also invade. Various kinds of wildlife invade homes and yards, causing trouble that extends beyond being a simple nuisance; they can destroy property and spread disease.
While sometimes an animal passing through won't cause any damage, many different kinds of wildlife can pose health risks or cause property damage if they establish themselves on a property. Some species are also more of a concern than others.
The most common problem wildlife in the area are pigeons, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other pest birds. And, if any of these animals start to live around your property, they aren't something to ignore. This guide contains practical prevention tips that will help protect your home or business from unwanted wildlife.

raccoon on a wooden porch overhang

What Problems Does Wildlife Cause for Property Owners?

Given that most wildlife species are larger than insects, they can definitely cause property damage. Squirrels and raccoons can get into trash and food items, leaving a mess. They can also destroy gardens and pests. Over time, flying wildlife such as pigeons and bats can destroy house siding and mechanical equipment with excessive droppings.

While having many of these pests around your property is bad enough, they can be even worse if they somehow make their way indoors. Inside, they can make huge messes and leave behind urine and droppings everywhere.

The next big problem involves health risks associated with wildlife on your property. Some health and safety hazards include:

  • Pigeons and other birds can release fungal spores that can cause illness.
  • Raccoons and squirrels can bring around parasites such as ticks and fleas.
  • Most species will attack if they feel threatened. 
  • Squirrels and other rodents can spread illnesses.

Six Wildlife Prevention Steps for Your Knoxville Property

It can be somewhat challenging to deter wildlife completely, but you can still do some things to keep them away. Focus mostly on making your property less attractive to them by following these six measures:

  1. Get rid of bird feeders and birdbaths. Also, store pet food indoors in sealed containers. 
  2. Clean up organic debris from around the yard, including grass clipping, leaf piles, and rotting fruits and vegetables.
  3. Make sure that wildlife won't get inside by repairing holes in the walls and foundation. Cover vent openings with wire mesh to keep smaller rodents and raccoons out. 
  4. Ensure that lids are placed on all trash cans. Regularly remove trash from the property and keep trash cans clean. 
  5. Make sure to clean out gutters and remove standing water from the property. Excess humidity can attract many different pests.
  6. Seek help from residential and commercial pest control professionals.

Effective Wildlife Control With Dead End Exterminating

It's always smart to do what you can to prevent pests, but the easiest and most effective way to keep various wildlife away is with assistance from Dead End Exterminating. Our technicians are trained to handle everything from pest birds to raccoons and more.

It's not safe to try to remove many of these species on your own, as this is when you're most likely to be bitten or attacked. Instead, give us a call today to request an inspection. Reach out to us today to learn more about our wildlife control services. 

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