How To Tell If You Have Carpenter Bees On Your Knoxville, TN Property

April 15, 2021

Though not everyone closely studies pests, there are details about multiple species that are widely spread. For instance, when it comes to bees, most people know that they make honey. It’s also commonly understood that they gravitate to flowers and plants, bolster the environment with their feeding and pollination practices, and cause pain by stinging. These are all key elements, but there’s more crucial information out there. Case in point, several bee subspecies are destructive.

Carpenter bees are one detrimental group, as they shred wood. Your Knoxville, TN home or business can be wrecked by these pests. Being able to identify signs of their presence early on is paramount. Find out how to do this and learn about Dead End Exterminating’s relevant services. 

a carpenter bee crawling on a tree

How Do Carpenter Bees Operate? What Are the Dangers?

Carpenter bees vary in size. Smaller subsets are about 0.31 of an inch long, with metallic and dark skin. You may notice yellow markings on them. Larger ones are 0.46 to 0.98 of an inch long. They can be blue, purple-blue, black, or greenish-black in color. Males have yellow facial adornments and are incapable of stinging. While they all bear a resemblance to bumblebees, they have fewer hairs.

Wood that is weathered or unfinished attracts carpenter bees. The grains they gravitate to the most are pine, cyprus, fir, redwood, and oak. After retrieving pollen and nectar from greenery, these flying bugs will huddle around doors and window sills, decks and porches, roof eaves, and siding. You’re also bound to see them buzzing near railings, fences, and yard furniture. It won’t be long before their damage is apparent if they’re given room to fester. Major infestation signs are:

  • A plethora of needle-point holes in wood and foundations
  • Noticing stains and particles from their excrement by their drilled openings
  • Heaps of pollen and sawdust under entry gaps
  • Spotting carpenter bees at all
  • Sudden woodpecker sightings; carpenter bee larvae draw them in

How Can Carpenter Bees Be Prevented?

If you are allergic to toxins from stinging insects, carpenter bees may be a threat to your well-being. Otherwise, they cause more harm to wood. In any event, they are unwelcome. The cosmetic repairs that are often necessary after they have invaded can be very expensive. These pests are active nest builders, so you can’t be nonchalant about managing them. Staying on top of preventative measures is critical. Typical tactics involve ongoing exterior and lawn maintenance. Here’s what you’ll have to do specifically:

  • Every piece of unfinished wood must be painted as soon as possible.
  • Wood that is exposed to inclement conditions, such as rain or an abundance of sun, should be varnished. A new coat of paint needs to be applied to weathered decks and sills.
  • Patch up cracks in doors, windows, foundations, and rooflines.
  • Close voids left by previous waves of carpenter bees. You can use caulk.
  • Get rid of pools of standing water, and have moisture defects and leaks fixed immediately.
  • Have metal flashing installed.
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery on a routine basis. Sit flowers and plants two feet away from the property.

What Can Dead End Exterminating Do About Carpenter Bees?

To eliminate carpenter bees, you must rely on professional interventions. Retail insecticides and lawn sprays can be too potent, being a hazard to people, domestic animals, and vegetation. The solutions we offer at Dead End Exterminating are not only highly effective, but they’re safe and eco-friendly. Our technicians are licensed and skilled, and our services are reasonably priced. Protect your home or business and avoid stings! Call us today for a free consultation!

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