Knoxville Homeowners' Secret To Effective Pavement Ant Control

May 15, 2022

They sense a single drop of popsicle juice from yards away. And a host of them descends on the red liquid before you can wonder where they all came from! These insects are hard-working pests that will not stop until they have excavated around the sidewalks, driveways, and pave stones in your Knoxville neighborhood.

Maybe pavement ants seem harmless outside. But when they invade your home, you will be motivated to get them out again. You are in luck because Dead End Exterminating has some secrets for Knoxville homeowners on how to control tenacious pavement ants.

pavement ants on fruit

Pavement Ants Outside

Pavement ants were named because they nest underneath or inside cracks in pavement, patios, sidewalks, or driveways. This habitat is ideal for these ants because of the moist soil trapped underneath. While they nest, they create crater-shaped piles of earth near their home. These are always tell-tale signs that a pavement ant nest is around somewhere.

The diet of pavement ants is well-rounded. When they are banished to the outdoors where they belong, pavement ants eat dead insects, honeydew, and seeds. Like other ants, pavement ants live in large colonies divided into castes.

These little black ants can sense that droplet of popsicle you dropped because of its powerful odor receptors. It only takes one ant to find a food source, and before you know it, the whole colony has arrived in a single file. Why is that? Pavement ants leave invisible trails with pheromones to guide other worker ants to food sources.

Pavement Ants Inside

Outside, pavement ants are a nuisance. They are not dangerous and not hurting anyone, right? But once they move inside, they can be problematic. Pavement ants invade in overwhelming numbers, and once they are inside, they are difficult to get out.

Inside, they feed on sweets and grease, rummaging through garbage, searching around your cupboards, and even eating out of the dog or cat dish. It is easy with their size to gain entry to your home. Pavement ants can slip through the smallest cracks or gaps in a screen. They can crawl through your utility hookups, and they can march right under your front door. Pavement ants can nest inside your walls, under your flooring, or in other out-of-the-way places. Pavement ants are difficult to get rid of on your own. When you are dealing with a pavement ant infestation, call the professionals at Dead End Exterminating. Our licensed technicians will do the hard part for you.

Preventing Pavement Ant Infestations

Before you find yourself the victim of a pavement ant invasion, there are ant prevention practices to try in your Knoxville home and yard.

  • Eliminate any visible cracks or openings: Pavement ants can get through the smallest openings. By repairing damaged screens and installing door sweeps, you limit entry points into your home. Similarly, seal up any cracks around doors or windows or in walls as soon as you see them. Utility openings around your home can be stuffed with steel wool and filled with caulking.
  • Reduce standing water in your yard: You can make sure your water drainage is routed away from your house. Fix any leaks or holes that allow water to accumulate. Rethink the birdbaths in the yard.
  • Keep vegetation around the perimeter of your house trimmed: If you cannot see the trail of pavement ants into your home, you will not know the ants are there until they have ravaged the orange on your kitchen counter. Keeping the area around your home clear of overgrown hedges and cutting back grass will help you spot a pavement ant colony.
  • Seal that garbage: Pavement ants are not picky eaters, and they can climb a 30-foot vertical surface to obtain food. Seal your garbage and recycling receptacles and empty them regularly.
  • Clean food areas frequently: Wipe counters down after every meal. Try to establish a cleaning schedule where you wipe out appliances and cabinets. Vacuum and sweep often.

In the end, when dealing with pavement ants, other ant species, or other unwanted pests, it's best to partner with a professional for safe and complete elimination. Our team at Dead End Exterminating is the best pest control in Knoxville. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, thorough, friendly, and providing our customers with top-of-the-line services. At Dead End Exterminating, our team of licensed professionals has the tools and experience to rid your property of pavement ants and other unwanted pests. To learn more about our customized pest control plans, reach out to us today! 

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