Pest Spotlight: How To Combat Termites In Knoxville

March 15, 2023

Knoxville is a fine place to call home, with excellent eateries, country music, and historical landmarks. Unfortunately, termites can dampen your spirits if they manage to invade your home. Luckily, pest control in Knoxville can help eliminate these wood-eating insects.

Learn more about different termites in the area and how to defend against an infestation. Get termite control in Knoxville to thwart these destructive insect pests.

termites infesting a home

Signs Of Termites On Your Knoxville Property

Homeowners should have their property inspected annually to check for signs of termites and their damage. When termite colonies go undetected for months or even years, it's easy for them to quietly destroy the structural integrity of walls, floors, and staircases. 

Contact Dead End Exterminating to have a technician check your Knoxville home for termites. In the meantime, you can look out for the following:

  • Floorboards are becoming loose and squeak when you walk on them.
  • Walls have small holes and small piles of termite frass or wood on the floor nearby.
  • Paint or wallpaper starts to bubble and peel off because of moisture buildup and termite damage.
  • Windows and doors may become harder to open or close.
  • Wood that begins to look discolored or like it has water damage.
  • Ceilings that begin to sag.

Most signs of termites do not involve seeing these insects in the open, but during certain times of the year, you might see flying termites around your property near windows or doorways. These are the reproductive termite swarmers looking to expand their colonies.

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wooden Structures

Termites are problematic because they feed on wood and cellulose. Homeowners in Knoxville must watch out for dampwood termites, drywood termites, and Eastern subterranean termites.

There is a moderate to high risk you'll encounter termites at some point. These insect pests love feasting on wood in an environment with substantial moisture. The Eastern subterranean termite is a significant threat in the area.

Don't neglect to repair or replace wood that is rotting, shows moisture damage, or where there are excavated termite tunnels in the drywall of your home. Walls and structures with termite damage may sound hollow, or you may hear a clicking sound.

Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home And How To Remove Them

Most pests will come to your home because it has climate control, food, water, and places to build a nest. Here are some things that are of particular interest to termites:

  • Moisture from overwatering the yard and damp, dark spaces. Many termites are drawn to rotting wood that has fungi or moisture damage and is easier to infiltrate.
  • Piles of wood, rotting logs, old tree stumps, and lumber will draw termites to your property, and once they are there, they are more likely to enter your home.
  • Areas of your home where wood comes in direct contact with the soil provide an easy pathway for termites to enter your home.

Keep your home well-ventilated and dry, removing sources of moisture like leaking pipes, condensation, and poor weatherization. Build a barrier between your home's foundation and the soil so termites cannot easily cross from the soil into your home. Keep plants, firewood, and piles of yard debris away from your home's foundation and walls.

These tips can help, but for total control, you should always schedule a visit from Dead End Exterminating for termite treatment options for your home.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites In Your Home

What's the best way to get rid of termites on your property? If you are serious about getting rid of termites, you need professional termite pest control. Contact Dead End Exterminating to fix a termite problem and protect your Knoxville home from termite damage. Termites are tricky to eliminate if you don't know where to look for a colony or lack effective termite control products.

When termites in Knoxville threaten to destroy your deck, garage, or home, it's time to call Dead End Exterminating. Since 2016, our native Tennessean-owned pest control company has applied safe, effective solutions to exclude termite pests from homes. Call us for a free inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Knoxville.

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