The Best Way to Protect Your Knoxville, TN Property From Termites

July 15, 2021

Termites might be small in size, but they pack a big punch when it comes to the damage they cause. Each year, American homeowners spend approximately five billion dollars a year on termite-related damages because oftentimes, they are late to recognize the signs of an issue or don’t handle it properly to start. With spring almost in full bloom, termites are stirring in their winter homes and are on the move for moisture, food, and a new home for their colonies. While they remain active year-round, this is when they are most likely to be on the move. Read along for more information on protecting your Knoxville home from this silent swarmer. 

an up close image of a termite crawling in a wood tunnel

Common Types of Termites

There are about 2,000 species of termites known in the United States, but there are several that are most common in the Knoxville area:

  • Formosan termites might not be the most common species in the United States, but they are prevalent in Knoxville. Almost translucent in color, Formosan termites measure ½ inch and have a broad waist. They will chew through the flooring, wood, and wallpaper, making them the most difficult to control once they’ve invaded and location.
  • Drywood termites are known to infest dead wood found in your home, so be on the lookout for compromised roofs and wooden wall supports. Due to their specific moisture needs require higher humidity and constant contact with water, making a leaky roof or wooden siding a desirable home for them.
  • Subterranean termites build mud tubes to gain access to food sources and protection from the open air. Their underground colonies are built in moist, aboveground areas that can contain up to two million members. Homeowners should note that this is the most destructive termite species, as they work and eat 24/7. Their ravenous nature is powerful enough to ruin the stability of a home entirely.

Signs Of Termite Damage

As previously described, once termites are an issue, they are nearly impossible to control and create issues that are very costly to rectify. However, these are the following signs that signal a potential termite infestation:

  • Bubbling paint
  • Discarded wings near a suspected termite colony
  • Softwood in the home
  • Mud tubes
  • Blistered wood

Termite Prevention Tips

Termite infestations are extremely costly and frustrating to fix, but they are preventable for Knoxville homeowners. It would be best if you did everything you can to prevent a possible issue. Here are some ways to keep the termites away:

  • Keep woodpiles at least 20 feet away from home and five inches off the ground.
  • Clean out the gutters regularly to avoid stagnant water and excess moisture, which will remove termites’ access to moisture.
  • Minimize the use of mulch or keep it at least 15 inches away from a houses’ foundation, as this is a tasty snack for a termite.
  • Seal up any vulnerable areas of your home’s foundation.
  • Check your home for signs of mud tubes regularly since this is one of the most common signs of termites. 

The only way to truly rid your home of an active termite infestation is with professional assistance and a course of action from Dead End Exterminating. Call today to book your inspection and keep termites away. 

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