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Stopping Mosquito Populations Before They Get Out Of Control

If there’s one pest in Knoxville we could do without, it’s the mosquito. Mosquitoes in Knoxville, West Knoxville, Lenoir City, Loudon, and surrounding areas are known to transmit serious illnesses from location to location, including Chikungunya, Dengue, West Nile virus, and Zika virus. They’re also known vectors for dangerous parasites, some of which can affect our four-legged friends.

If you’re concerned about a heightened mosquito presence around your West Knoxville property, look no further than the professional team at Dead End Exterminating. Our team of licensed and professional mosquito control experts knows exactly how to stop these pests from getting under your skin. By partnering with the powerful products and effective strategies we employ, you can sustainably reduce breeding populations around your home or business.

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Our Mosquito Control Process

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The best kind of mosquito control service begins with sustainability—which is something Dead End Exterminating is more than able to provide. We offer two different types of mosquito control services; traditional backpack fogging as well as the In2Care System (provided as part of our 865 Special Package). Our goal is to reduce populations from a holistic perspective and defend your Knoxville home or business throughout the active season.

We treat homes and businesses in West Knoxville with monthly treatments between April and October. During our fogging service, we treat shaded areas, bushes, and dense leaves to stop mosquito populations from gaining strength over time. We also keep an eye out for standing water and inspect problematic areas to ensure our reduction service works as intended.


The pros at Dead End Exterminating inspect your property for signs of mosquitoes. We want to identify any active areas around your property to better understand what we have to work with. After evaluating your outdoor space for hot spots, we invite you to share your thoughts with our team. We want to deliver a wonderful experience that leaves you feeling clear and confident about our next steps.


Dead End Exterminating uses a carefully-balanced approach toward mosquito fogging, applying treatment evenly across shaded areas, bushes, leaves, and other common hotspots for mosquito activity. By treating these high-traffic areas, we can do wonders to affect the overall level of mosquito activity around your property.


Mosquito abatement generally takes more than a one-time treatment. That’s why our mosquito services last throughout the active season for mosquitoes, ranging from April-October. During this time, we’ll come out once a month to treat your home so that mosquito populations are never given the opportunity to re-establish themselves around your property. With each treatment, we’ll point out any conducive conditions we find that you may want to remedy for better results. For example, you should carefully control puddles of standing water, tall grass, and overgrown bushes to reduce mosquito activity.

Do you have some additional questions or comments about our mosquito treatment process for West Knoxville? Contact Dead End Exterminating at your earliest convenience to discuss treatment measures immediately.


Discover The Power Of The In2Care System - Part Of Our 865 Special Package

Ready for In2Care mosquito control? These unique bait stations attract egg-laying mosquitoes that may be harboring dangerous diseases. By installing stations in strategic locations and ensuring attractant formula remains at the fill line, we can help you stop mosquitoes in their tracks and prevent mosquito infestations from spiraling out of control.

Available as a standalone option or as part of our 865 Special Package, the In2Care System is a comprehensive system designed to mitigate mosquito activity as thoroughly as possible.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Once we install your In2Care traps in the best possible locations, the stations immediately begin emitting strong odors designed to attract egg-laying mosquitoes.
  • Female mosquitoes fly into the trap and lay on specialized gauze. Particles on this gauze transfer to the female mosquito and the eggs, slowly eliminating the female pest and contaminating all other locations the mosquito may visit.
  • Larvae hatching in In2Care traps are coated with a specialized formula to prevent them from maturing. The strong odors they emit attract other female mosquitoes, which begins the process all over again.

The In2Care mosquito system is associated with a dramatic reduction in mosquito activity. Not only do mosquito populations become unable to breed effectively, but slowing or stopping the full development of larvae will significantly cut down on your biting population.


In2Care Mosquito Station Installation Process


Like with traditional fogging treatments, the first step of implementing the In2Care Mosquito Station system is to perform a thorough inspection of the premises to determine the source of mosquitoes and conducive conditions that could be allowing them to thrive around your home. This inspection will help our technician ascertain the best strategy to approach them moving forward.


We install In2Care mosquito stations at key points around your property. The careful placement of these stations allows us to ensure the optimal capture of mosquito populations while remaining out of sight and out of mind for visitors. Since In2Care is designed with safety in mind and is secure against people and pets, the only people who have to know about your treatments are you and your pest control professional.


We make sure you can get rid of mosquitoes and keep them out for good. We continue to visit your property during the active season to check on the In2Care stations and replenish the formula as necessary.

With Dead End Exterminating and the In2Care Mosquito System, there’s no mosquito problem too large for us to eliminate. Contact us today about our 865 Special Package and learn more about the ways our comprehensive approach to pest control can keep your Knoxville home mosquito-free!


Arm Up Against Antagonizing Pests With Dead End Exterminating

If you give mosquitoes an inch, they’ll take a mile—and possibly take over your entire yard. If you’re tired of biting pests posing problems for yourself and your family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Dead End Exterminating. We’re not just a mosquito control company but a highly skilled provider of cutting-edge products and services.

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